Kamala Harris Resource List

Welllllll, Kamala Harris has decided to run for president in 2020.

She is *not* a progressive, though she calls herself one…because it’s the trendy thing to do!

Here are a few links to articles that talk about how she prefers corporations and their profits as her first priority,,,,and not the people she represents.

I will update the list as I find more info.

The Two Faces of Kamal Harris: snip: Earlier this year, the Intercept obtained a 2013 memo to Harris from prosecutors in the attorney general’s office saying they had “uncovered evidence suggestive of widespread misconduct” at OneWest Best, and urging Harris to “conduct a full investigation of a national bank’s misconduct and provide a public accounting of what happened.” Yet Harris never did. (Coincidentally, Harris was the only Democratic Senate candidate in 2016 to get a donation from Steven Mnuchin, OneWest’s former CEO).


Hannah Giorgis’s Devasting Critique of Kamala Harris: snip: “Harris has a double standard when it comes to dispensing justice—an iron fist for the proletariat and velvet gloves for the affluent.”


Freedom Rider: Kamala Harris Destroyed Black Lives snip: One of her more disgraceful policies was to victim shame black mothers for their children’s school truancy. They were fined and when most of them could not pay, were put in jail and separated from their children.This action is the epitome of modern day chattel slavery and Harris cannot be given a pass.


Will Kamala Harris Have the Support of Black Women: Yet Harris defended a Kern county prosecutor who committed “outrageous government misconduct” by reportedly falsifying the confession of a defendant who was “later used to threaten a life sentence”.

These are not facts that can be ignored, despite the enthusiasm around Harris…


When Kamala Harris Turned a Blind Eye to Police Brutality

Harris’ inaction in these matters could be written off as not wanting to interfere with an ongoing investigation by the Orange County DA’s office, but it’s important to note that she didn’t act even after that investigation concluded (and prompted another public outcry). Nor was this refusal an isolated incident; indeed, it was a feature of her time as AG. Although she did oversee the creation and implementation of an implicit bias and procedural justice training program for California law enforcement officers, she notably opposed legislation that would have required her office to independently investigate police shootings like the ones in Anaheim. 


Kamala Harris laughed about jailing parents over truancy. But it’s not funny

Harris cheerfully recounts the story of sending an attorney from her office to intimidate a homeless single mother whose children were missing school. She smiles as she recalls how she instructed her subordinates to “look really mean” so that the mother would take the threat of jail seriously.



But when it came to taking on the Catholic Church, survivors of clergy sexual abuse say that Harris turned a blind eye, refusing to take action against clergy members accused of sexually abusing children when it meant confronting one of the city’s most powerful political institutions.


And, if you don’t like The Intercept, how about confirmation from Fortune magazine

Kamala Harris’ Record Questioned by Clergy Abuse Victims

Found as a comment on FB (by Redd Desmond Thomas):


● Pro-Israel Neoliberal
● Reinforced committment to Israel’s $38 Billion Annual “Military Aid”

Note: Listen to her 2017 Speech given to AIPAC. In 2018, she chose to speak to AIPAC in private; rather than give a public speech. Let’s peruse the transcript; if it’s ever released.

● Against Body Cameras for Law Enforcement
● Opposed Legislation that would have required the Attorney General’s Office to investigate Police Brutality & Shootings
● Fought to keep people in prison even after they were proven innocent [Daniel Larsen case; George Gage case; Johnny Baca case; Kevin Cooper case; etc.]
● Argued Against Reducing Prison Overcrowding [overcrowding is unconstitutional; a health hazard; and a fire hazard]; citing that the reduction would also reduce Prison Labor
● Defended California’s “Three Strikes” Laws
● Harris worked to block Prisoner’s Rights resulting from the Brown vs Plata decision
● Ardent Advocate for Capital Punishment [Death Penalty]
● For Political expedience, Harris is now in support of Bail reform; even though she argued for the constitutionality of Bail in court until 2017
● Harris is contradictory as it pertains to Police Brutality [her record as “California’s Top Cop” shows – over & over – that she is pro Police Brutality]; even acknowledging its existence while going on record to state “[Police] deserve to be proud of their public service and commended for the way they do their jobs”
● California’s Felony Conviction Rate rose from 52% in 2003 to 67% by 2006 while Kamala Harris was District Attorney
● Harris defended the California state prosecutor Robert Murray after he falsified a defendant’s confession that was used to threaten a sentence of life in prison (2015) 
● Harris sided with State Prison Leaders in contesting a Transgender inmate’s bid for gender-reassignment surgery
● Twice in 2016, Harris brought criminal charges related to human trafficking against Backpage, an online classified website frequently used by Sex Workers [As a senator, she co-sponsored Federal Bills that led to the site’s seizure; a move that Sex Workers and Activists said threatens their survival]
● Harris only recently switched to advocating for Legalizing Marijuana [again, after years of prosecuting Marijuana offences that she acknowledged disproportionately targets poor ‘Black’ & Latino populations, which never stopped her]
● Harris victim shamed ‘Black’ Mothers for their children’s school truancy; citing that she would have Parents imprisoned if the Law allowed [Harris worked to Legally criminalize truancy]

● Pro-Wall Street Neoliberal
● Refused to prosecute Steve Mnuchin and his ‘OneWest Bank’ for mortgage fraud & foreclosure violations in 2013 [Steve Mnuchin went on to become the U.S. Treasury Secretary in President Donald Trump’s Cabinet]
● Harris’ Political pacifist ‘Mortgage Fraud Strike Force’ processed three (3) cases in a ten (10) year period [out of THOUSANDS of fraud cases; it was more Political Theater, not a serious effort to help the ‘Working Class’ who were being defrauded]
● While promising to not accept Political Campaign contributions from Corporate PACs, Kamala Harris still – silently – accepts Campaign contributions from private Wall Street giants [like ‘Blackstone’ CEO Jonathan Gray; Robert Wolf, CEO and founder of economic advisory firm ’32 Advisors’; Mark Gallogly, a founder of private investment firm ‘Centerbridge Partners’; Executives of ‘Time Warner’]
● Kamala Harris has also received almost $1 million in Campaign contributions from the Securities & Investment Industries [which contradicts the point for not accepting PAC money for Political Campaigns; it’s the same difference]

● Voted to increase the U.S. Military Budget [in 2017 and 2018]; Neoliberalism 101

“This bill ensures our brave service members have the equipment, support, and benefits required to defend our nation, and improves military readiness, capacity, and modernization… My amendments, introduced with colleagues across the aisle, respond to the needs of the National Guard and aim to support members of the military, veterans, and their families. I look forward to working with my colleagues to ensure these critically important provisions are signed into law once the final bill is sent to the President. [KAMALA HARRIS; September 18, 2017]”

Side 1: The raging Neoliberalism goes on and on. The records are available for public perusal.

Side 2: Kamala Harris’ books [‘Smart on Crime” 2009; and ‘The Truths We Hold” 2019] are revisionist narratives; basically paper weights.

[1] ‘White’ Neoliberal Democrats think that dangling a ‘Black’ Neoliberal Democrat in front of ‘Black’ people is going to galvanize ‘Black’ people for the Democratic Party; because it worked with President Obama. ‘White’ Neoliberal Democrats also think that dangling a Woman in front of Women is going to galvanize ‘Working Class’ Women; in a peudo Feminist solidarity [even as the Woman whom they parade around is anti-Working Class which simultaneously works against Feminism; brilliant]. Anybody even slightly versed in Political Science understands, by now, that this is a game; played to maintain the Political Two-Party Duopoly [and has nothing to do with Policy or Progress]. Kamala Harris is an Establishment Neoliberal Democrat who will only continue the tradition of advancing the interests of American Imperialist Oligarchs; as the ‘Working Class’ general population continue to suffer Economically, Politically, and Psychosocially via Class & Racial Oppression (maintained & reinforced by Neoliberalism, Imperialism, and Oligarchy). Harris supports & promotes so many anti-Black and anti-Working Class policies, it’s ridiculous; and a lot of the registered Voting population are tired of the status quo [on the part of both Democrats and Republicans; same difference, really]. As usual, I suggest; support; and promote the mass rejection of & mass exodus away from the Duopoly [for all “Raced” and ‘Working Class’ people].

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